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Nursing: Find Articles

Journals in the Nursing Field

The following table lists several core journals in the nursing profession. There are others.

AJN: American Journal of Nursing Journal of Gerontological Nursing Nursing
CIN: Computers in Nursing MEDSURG Nursing Nursing Made Incredibly Easy
Home Healthcare Now Nurse Educator Oncology Nursing Forum

Databases: Finding Nursing Articles

Use the following databases to find articles about nursing and other healthcare topics.  To access the databases, go the UCNJ Libraries health sciences database page and click on the database name.

Please note:

If you are not logged in to your College account, you will be prompted to do so. Off-campus log-in has the following format: 

  • For students:, your password. 
  • For faculty and staff:, your password.

All of the following databases are available from off-campus. 

Alt HealthWatch-- Vendor description: This database focuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers full text articles for more than 180 international, and often peer-reviewed journals and reports. In addition, there are hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research and book excerpts.

CINAHL Complete--  Vendor description: This is the definitive research tool for nursing and allied health professionals. With CINAHL Complete users get fast and easy access to top nursing and allied health journals, evidence-based care sheets and quick lessons.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database -- Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database is a "go to" resource for information about careers. Learn all about what is required for work in most any field.

To access Ferguson's:

  • go to the UCNJ Libraries database page
  • see the list of databases
  • click on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center-- please note, from off campus you will be prompted to log-in using your full Union College username and password
  • search the Ferguson's database for jobs in the Nursing field 

Nursing and Allied Health Collection: Comprehensive-- Vendor description: Designed for nursing and allied health professionals, students, educators and researchers, this database provides full text for nearly 400 journals covering the areas of nursing, biomedicine, health sciences, consumer health and allied health disciplines. Nearly all full text titles included in Nursing & Allied Health: Comprehensive Edition are indexed in CINAHL.

OvidSP Nursing: Community College Basic Journal Collection--  provides full-text access to American Journal of Nursing, Home Healthcare Nurse, Nursing Critical Care, Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, other nursing and related journals.

Nursing and Allied Health Premium--  Vendor description: a user-friendly, multi-format database for nursing research, clinical skills development, and curriculum support...that... delivers a diverse mix of scholarly literature, clinical training videos, reference materials, and evidence-based resources.

Database Video Tutorials: How Do I Conduct a Search?

Use these three short video tutorials to learn how to access and conduct a search in the CINAHL Complete database.

Medline, PubMed, PMC (PubMed Central)

Medline, PubMed, PMC (PubMed Central):  How Are They Different--  this page explains the distinctions between the three U.S. National Library of Medicine resources.

Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice: a Training Course--  this learning tool was "...created to help clinicians including nurses and allied health professionals develop a clinical question using the PICO framework and efficiently find relevant biomedical literature using PubMed. The tutorial was designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes. This tutorial replaces the NLM PubMed for Nurses tutorial."

Open Access Journals

Nursing: Research and Reviews--  this journal's publisher, describes this resource as,  " international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal publishing original research, reviews, editorials and commentaries on all aspects of nursing and patient care.... 

Specific topics include:

  • Involvement with patients' adherence to treatment regimen
  • Improving patient safety in all settings
  • Patient education and counseling
  • Diagnostics and prescribing
  • Collaboration with physicians and other health care providers in patient treatment
  • Continuing nurse training and education
  • Current information on clinical topics
  • Ethics
  • Management and organizational issues
  • Health outcomes, economics and resource management."

Fraud and Mistakes in Scholarly Literature

Retraction Watch --  Be aware, be informed.  Minor mistakes such as typos or wrong addresses can happen in scholarly literature. These can be corrected by issuing an erratum notice to point out the errors.  But sometimes, an entire article has to be recalled because the mistakes are serious. This act of recalling the article is called retraction, and it's not often well publicized, even though consequences of flawed research can be devastating. Here's a blog that serves as a " informal repository for the retractions" found by the blog's two author's (Adam Marcus, and Ivan Oransky).

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you locate scholarly literature within the Union College of Union County NJ Libraries print and electronic resources. 

Google Scholar settings for library links-- Google is updating their platform to integrate our institutional name change. Until that happens, use Union County College.

Once you link your settings to the UCNJ Libraries, if you are not already logged in to your UCNJ account, you will be prompted to authenticate with the following format: 

  • For students:, your password. 
  • For faculty and staff:, your password.
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