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Nursing: Health Literacy

Health Literacy

AHRQ Health Literacy Page

Clear Health Communications: Tools and Resources --  from the University of North Carolina, Health Sciences Library.

Educating Nursing Students about Health Literacy: From the Classroom to the Patient Bedside

Gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice            

Health Literacy and Older Adults:  Reshaping the Landscape -- these are the Proceedings of a workshop convened by the Health and Sciences division, of the National Academies.

Health Literacy and Health Insurance Literacy: Do Consumers Know What They Are Buying -- a new toolkit from the Alliance for Health Reform.  According to the National Libraries of Medicine, topics include:   an overview of problems associated with health literacy as well as studies analyzing their impact; links to reports and news articles explaining and analyzing the issue; contact information for leading experts on the issue.

Health Literacy Solutions Center -- from the Institute for Healthcare Advancement.

Health Literacy Toolshed -- from Tufts Medical Center.

More Than Words: Promoting Health Literacy in Older Adults

Promoting Health Literacy Through Storytelling

Simply Put: A Guide For Creating Easy-To-Understand Materials

Teach-Back Method --  is a way to confirm that what you have explained to the patient is what they need to know in a manner the patient understands.

  • Teach-Back Method --  scroll down on the page to view videos by the University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library.

Understanding Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Health Literacy

Health Insurance Literacy

Health Insurance Literacy-- from the University of Maryland Extension Service.

Health Insurance Vocabulary-- from the New York City Mayor's Public Engagement Unit.

Insurance A - Z-- definitions from the New York City Health Insurance Link.

Measuring Health Insurance Literacy-- from the American Institutes of Research.

UCNJ LibGuides at Union College