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Nursing: Health Literacy

Health Literacy

AHRQ Health Literacy Page

Clear Health Communications: Tools and Resources --  from the University of North Carolina, Health Sciences Library.

Educating Nursing Students about Health Literacy: From the Classroom to the Patient Bedside

Gateway to Health Communication and Social Marketing Practice            

Health Literacy and Older Adults:  Reshaping the Landscape -- these are the Proceedings of a workshop convened by the Health and Sciences division, of the National Academies.

Health Literacy and Health Insurance Literacy: Do Consumers Know What They Are Buying -- a new toolkit from the Alliance for Health Reform.  According to the National Libraries of Medicine, topics include:   an overview of problems associated with health literacy as well as studies analyzing their impact; links to reports and news articles explaining and analyzing the issue; contact information for leading experts on the issue.

Health Literacy Studies

More Than Words: Promoting Health Literacy in Older Adults

Promoting Health Literacy Through Storytelling

Simply Put: A Guide For Creating Easy-To-Understand Materials

Teach-Back Method --  is a way to confirm that what you have explained to the patient is what they need to know in a manner the patient understands.

  • Teach-Back Method --  scroll down on the page to view videos by the University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library.

Understanding Cultural and Linguistic Barriers to Health Literacy

UC LibGuides at Union College