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Nursing: Jobs in the Nursing Profession

Nursing Jobs

Five Things for New Nurses to Know- (May 2023, 53, Issue 5, p.34-35)-- Access this article in the OVID database (available on the Health databases page) by logging-in with your UCNJ information.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database -- Ferguson's Career Guidance Center database is a "go to" resource for information about careers. Learn all about what is required for work in most any field. To access Ferguson's, go to the UCNJ Libraries database page, see the list of databases, and click on Ferguson's Career Guidance Center.  

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Career Resources  --  from the American Nurses Association.

Nurses Career Center --  find a job, post a resume; this is an online resource made possible by the American Nurses Association.

NursingJobsPlus --  search for jobs, post a resume; this resource is offered by nursing publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Nursing Job Resume Tips --  from the experts at the American Nurses Association.

UCNJ Career Services--  visit a Career Services Counselor on any UCNJ campus.

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