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Citation & Style Guides

Why Should I Cite? 

  • To show you reader you've done proper researsh by listing sources you have used to get your information.
  • They give proper credit to the authors whose ideas you’re quoting or paraphrasing. 
  • Professors want you to cite in your work so they can go back and find where you got the ideas, quotes, etc.
  • Finally, citations protect you from plagiarism, they are academically required. 

When Should I Cite?

  • You should use citations whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize the work of someone else.
  • Quotations are exact duplicates of other people's words.
  • Paraphrases are other people's ideas rewritten in your own phrasing. They're usually about the same length as the original material.
  • Summaries are other people's ideas that you've shortened to highlight the main ideas. They're always shorter than the original material.
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