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EMS: EMT and Paramedic

Patient Safety

Center for Patient Safety‚Äč

EMS Forward -- 

  • 10 Patient Safety topics that will move EMS Forward (2017 Campaign)
  1. Patient Safety Culture
  2. Airway Management
  3. Bariatrics
  4. Behavioral Health
  5. Stretchers
  6. Medication Mistakes
  7. Pediatrics
  8. Provider Mental Health
  9. Crashes
  10. Transition of Care

EMS Forward 360 -- continues the initiative to "...develop awareness, understanding and action to improve your organization's safety culture." 

  • The following 12 topics are "...based on a tool used to measure patient safety culture in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)."
  1. Perceptions of Patient Safety
  2. Exchanging Information
  3. Teamwork
  4. Responses to Mistakes
  5. Staff Training
  6. Handoffs
  7. Management Support
  8. Communication Openness
  9. Staffing, Work Pressure & Pace
  10. Feedback & Communication
  11. Organizational Learning
  12. Communication During a Response

Effective Communication During Emergencies: Limited English Proficiency and Disabilities

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights--  has created a list to help first responders provide services to individuals with limited English proficiency and individuals with disabilities during emergency response and recovery efforts. See the press release here and the plain language checklist here.
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