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EMS: EMT and Paramedic: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Learning and Policy Center -- Lexipol offers " COVID-19 policies, courses and training tools for individuals and agencies..."

COVID-19 in Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups --  "Longstanding systemic health and social inequities have put some members of racial and ethnic minority groups at increased risk of getting COVID-19 or experiencing severe illness, regardless of age..." --  from the Centers for Disease Control.

Health & Safety Institute (HSI) Online Toolkit-- contains resources including videos and information from the CDC, OSHA and the WHO.

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)--  "...resources to help EMS practitioners protect themselves and their patients against the Coronavirus."

OSHA Safety Topic: COVID-19

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Myth Busters--  useful information designed to inform the general public. Useful for patient education and other non-EMS/health/medical personnel.

Hand Washing and Disposable Glove Removal

Hand Washing -- from HSI-- complete a brief form to watch a 2 minute video for tips to observe and to prevent the spread of germs through hand washing and hand hygiene.

Muéstreme los fundamentos científicos: Cómo lavarse las manos --  from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Show Me the Science: Why Wash Your Hands -- from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What You Need to Know About Hand Washing and Glove Removal -- from the American Safety and Health Institute.

Hygienic Coughing and Sneezing

Hand Sanitizer

When To Use Hand Sanitizer --  this information is made possible by ASHI (the American Safety and Health Institute).

Hand Sanitizers NOT to Use--  see below as advised by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration--


Federal Guidelines and Resources: COVID-19

COVID-19 Federal Guidelines and Resources --  posted on the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Web site.


Recommendations from the Field

Recommendations from the Field -- posted on the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Web site. Read about:

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Operations Plan for Conducting NAEMT Courses
  • COVID Field Care
  • Filters
  • Testing Results and Transport

Healthy Well-Being During Coronavirus

Healthy Well-Being During Coronavirus --  a blog entry from the Center for Patient Safety about occupational stress and mental health strain experienced by frontline EMS during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to mitigate the impact.

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