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Library Homepage: Inter-Library Loan (ILL)


Here's how:

  1. To determine whether or not the College Libraries offer what you are looking for, check the EDS Discovery tool  before requesting material from other libraries.
  2. To do an exploratory search for books beyond what the Library owns, search
  3. Fill out the request form and a staff member will contact you when the item is available.
  4. Allow up to 2 weeks for books/media and 3-5 days for journal articles to arrive.
  5. If you have any questions regarding the Inter-Library Loan service, please contact the Director of Libraries at 908-709-7622.

Request Items

Inter-Library Loan is the service that gives you access to resources at other libraries. When you've searched Union College Libraries catalog and databases and we don't have what you need, our free Inter-Library borrowing service is your best bet.

Click here ILL Request Form (continued availability during COVID-19) to place your order.

It may take  3-5 days to arrive depending on the other library.


What is Inter-Library Loan?

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) is the name for the service by which libraries request items from other libraries.

Who is eligible for Inter-Library Loan?

Only matriculated students, staff, and faculty may make ILL requests. Continuing Education students, alumni, and retired faculty/staff are not eligible.

How much does Inter-Library Loan cost?

ILL services are offered free of charge to borrowers.

How do I place an Inter-Library Loan request?

Requests can be made by clicking the big green "request item" button on the bottom of the ILL LibGuide homepage. Alternatively, follow this link.

Please be sure to fill out this form both fully and accurately. Inaccurate forms may result in delayed request fulfillment or cancellation of the request.

What materials can I request?

  • Books (Unavailable during COVID-19)
  • Book chapters
  • Journal and periodical articles
  • DVDs (Unavailable during COVID-19)
  • Other media (Unavailable during COVID-19)

What materials can I not request?

  • Textbooks
  • Dissertations
  • Archival items
  • Rare and/or unique materials

How long will it take for my materials to arrive?

Please allow two weeks for print materials to arrive. Digital materials are generally available within five business days. Understand that delivery time is dependent on the policy of the lending library; we do not have control over this.

Once my materials arrive, how do I retrieve them?

Borrowers will be notified via email supplied on the ILL request form that their materials are ready for pickup at the campus they chose on the ILL form. Please bring your valid school ID when retrieving materials. No other form of identification will be accepted.

How are digital materials delivered?

Digital materials are delivered via a link and unique password sent to the borrower's email address. At the end of the loan period access will be revoked.

When are my materials due?

Loan periods for physical materials are determined by the lending library. The library will inform borrowers of the due date when they come to pick up their materials.

Digital materials are available for 30 days or 5 uses, whichever is first.

Can I renew materials?

Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. Please contact the Plainfield Campus Library Reference Desk regarding ILL renewal before the material is due: (908) 709-7622. If a renewal request is denied, materials will be due on their original due date.

Is there a late fee?

Late fees, as determined by the lending library, will be passed on to the borrower who is late.

We ask that borrowers return materials in a timely manner so as to maintain the College's reputation.

What if I lose or damage materials?

Library users who lose or damage ILL materials are liable for the cost of replacement as determined by the lending library.

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