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EMS: EMT and Paramedic: Discussion Groups and Listservs

Discussion Groups and Listservs

Discussion groups and listservs are other important sources of information that complement more traditional sources (books, journals, trade magazines).  These are e-mail group messaging systems on specific topics or subjects--  e-mail messages are routed to all subscribers or members of the list or group.

There are no costs for subscribing. Joining a listserv or discussion group gives you an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in your field because it can provide cutting edge dialogue on theories and developments within your area of interest or expertise.

Though most listservs and discussion groups are open to the general public, there are highly specialized lists that have restricted access.  CAUTION:  listservs can generate a great deal of e-mail activity; be selective.  It is advisable initially to join one of two lists to monitor the number of messages generated daily.

Once a list receives your request to join, instructions will be sent to your e-mail account explaining the lists rules and policies.

  • Listserv:  PARAMED-L --  follow the directions to subscribe to this group.

To find other listservs, search:

  • CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists.

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