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World History: About

About World History

World history offers a comprehensive and global perspective on historical events, examining them across cultures and borders. Studying world history may be intimidating, but through gaining more knowledge in the field and the resources available to you, your confidence will grow!

This World History Subject Guide provides access to UCNJ Union College of Union County, NJ library resources, websites, and more.

Image Source: Arrowsmith, A., Cooke, C. & Cooke, G. A. (1807) The World from the Discoveries & Observations Made in the Latest Voyages & Travels. [London: Published by C. Cooke, ?] [Map] Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Important Dates

Study History at UCNJ

UCNJ Union College of Union County, NJ offers several History courses and has a History, A.A Program. Some courses include: 

  • HIS 101 - Introduction to Western Civilization (3 credit hours)
  • HIS 103 - Introduction to World History (3 credit hours)
  • HIS 102 - Introduction to Western Civilization II (3 credit hours)
  • HIS 104 - Introduction to World History II (3 credit hours)
  • HIS 201 - United States History to 1865 (3 credit hours)

Check out the UCNJ Course Catalog for more information!


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