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Faculty Guide to Library Tools for Student Success: Library Resources and Canvas

Information and links on Library Resources for faculty and students to promote student success.

Canvas Link to Library Resources

Each Canvas course has a link to Library Resources on the left tool bar. The link will bring you to the Library LibGuide home page.

Linking to eBook Chapters

If ebook owned by the Library, you can provide links to chapters in your Canvas pages....

  1. In Library’s online catalog find the ebook title
  2. Copy the link 
  3. Type the book or chapter title and click on hyperlink icon
  4. Paste the URL in the window that opens
  5. Save and the chapter title becomes a hyperlink going directly to the chapter you want the students to read.  

For example, below is a link to an ebook chapter

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

From The Civil Rights Movement in America: From Black Nationalism to the Women's Political Council. Ed. Peter B. Levy. Movements of the American Mosaic Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2015. p220-224.

Linking to the Library's Streaming Video collection

Instructors can link to streaming videos for any of the Library's subscriptions.

Each video has an embed code that can be used to provide a link on a course page.

When creating a page in Canvas, go to the film and use Share option to get to embed code.

Copy the embed code and insert in the page you are adding in Canvas.

Students will be able to view the video in their course shell.

Linking to an Article in a Library Database

For articles found in databases, you can copy the permalink (or persistent link) and provide students with links to journal articles that you may want your class to read.


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