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Black History : Find Articles & Videos

Resources in Black History

Library Databases to Find Articles

E-Journals from the Gale One File: Diversity Studies Library Database

  • The Black Collegian - A quarterly journal that provides advice and resources on self-development and careers specifically tailored to African-American and Black students.  It is also now a website. UCNJ Libraries have full text coverage for this magazine from January 1993- September 2010
  • The Journal of African American History - A quarterly journal; This journal is famous for publishing the first major analysis of the American hip-hop movement. UCNJ Libraries have full text coverage for this magazine from January 2002- September 2011
  • Jet - A weekly newsmagazine; This magazine gained national spotlight in 1955 for publishing an issue with the graphic image of Emmet Till's (a 14 year old African American boy who was kidnapped, tortured, and lynched by two white men) corpse on the cover.  The publication continued to report on civil rights after this disturbing event in American history. UCNJ Libraries have full text coverage for this newsmagazine from December 1992- December 2008
  • Ebony- A monthly magazine with news, opinion, and commentary on Black studies, trends, and entertainment. UCNJ Libraries have full text coverage for this newsmagazine from January 1989 - December 2008
  • New African - A bimonthly magazine about African and international business and world news. UCNJ Libraries have full text coverage for this magazine from November 2000 - current

Library Databases to Find Videos

Videos from the Films on Demand Library Database

The Library has access to many databases that contain videos to stream.  Here is a selection of videos from the Films on Demand database:

Video/Film Lists from the Web

Videos from YouTube

This film, "Jim Crow of the North" examines the origins of housing segregation in the Minneaplois, Minnesota area.  The film concentrates on "redlining" - a harmful and discriminatory practice where financial and social services are withheld from neighborhoods with predominantly low-income peoples and racial and ethnic minorities.

A philanthropist, entrepreneur, and potical activist, Madame C. J. Walker was America's first female self-made millionaire. She founded the Madam C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company, which developed and marketed a line of skin and haircare products specifically for black women.

David Ikard is a Professir of African American and Diaspora Studies at Vanderbilt Univeristy.  He has taught and researched Black Feminism, Black masculinity and whiteness, and hip-hop culture.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help you locate scholarly literature on the open internet.  After your search, look on the right side of the results for "Union CC has it."  Instead of clicking on the article title, select "Union CC has it" and you will be directed to the same source, but through our Library resources, instead of the Google Scholar platform.

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