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Citation and Style Guides: Citation Builder: NoodleTools


Noodle Tools guides you through the process of creating citations.  In your account you have the ability to create citations from any type of source (audio, video, journals, websites, books, images, and more!) and to store them in different folders ("projects") which you can label by assignment, class, etc. to keep your citations organized.  Noodle tools also gives you the ability to create annotated citations and can generate in-text citations for you.

Tutorials from the NoodleTools YouTube Channel

NoodleTools Help Desk

Visit the NoodleTools Help Desk for answers to frequently asked questions.  You can also open a support ticket for more specific questions.

Other NoodleTools Resources

NoodleTools Express is good for creating one or two quick citations that you can copy and paste into your paper. You cannot save or export citations with NoodleTools Express

Noodle Tools Companion is a free app available for Apple and Android devices.  The app was designed with phone screens in mind, but can also be used on a tablet/iPad; Noodle Tools suggests using the browser version over the app, when possible.  This app has the ability to generate a citation by scanning a book's ISBN!

NoodleTools Companion--Integrated tools for note-taking, outlining,  citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative res… | Companion,  Note taking, Coding

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Noodle Tools is not just a citation generator.  It actually guides you through decisions about the source material, checking for mistakes in abbreviations, capitalization, punctuation, etc.

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