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ChatGPT: ChatGPT Limitations and Reliability

This guide is meant to help students and faculty understand ChatGPT. So they will be able to use it wisely in an academic setting.


Misinformation is the act of having incorrect or misleading information especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive someone.

It is important to make sure you are fact-checking the information that AI/ChatGPT gives you!

Articles about Misinformation & ChatGPT

Here you will find articles that have information about Misinformation in regards to ChatGPT/AI. There has been controversy since the development of this AI on the accuracy of the information that it provides.

Types of Mis/Dis Information


The above information was taken from First Draft News, you can find these photos and more by clicking on the link.



Who is Liable for AI Misinformation?

ChatGPT Limitations and Reliability

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