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ChatGPT: ChatGPT for Students

This guide is meant to help students and faculty understand ChatGPT. So they will be able to use it wisely in an academic setting.

What should Chat GPT be used for?

Here are some ways to use Chat GPT responsibly:

  • Generating ideas keywords for a topics
  • Generating a list of sources ( but do not trust the citations from an AI Tool)
  • Summarizing books and articles
  • Suggestions to improve writing 
    • checking grammar
    • sentence structure


Citation Formats

AMA 11th Edition Style Guide -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

AMA 11th Edition Guide with Example Citations -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

AMA 11th Edition Style Guide -- from New York Medical College, A Member of the Touro College and University System

AMA 11th Edition Reference Style Guide -- from University of South Carolina Libraries 

APA 7th Edition Quick Reference Guide  -- from the APA (American Psychological Association)

APA 7th Edition Style Guide  -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

APA 7th Edition Sample Paper  -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab).

The Chicago 17th Edition Style Guide  -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition Online -- from the University of Chicago Press

Chicago/Turabian Sample Paper; Author-Date Style -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

Chicago/Turabian Sample Paper: Note-Bib Style -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

MLA 9th Edition Major Changes -- from Purdue OWL (Purdue University, Online Writing Lab)

MLA 9th Edition Sample Paper --  Student paper template (from Surry Community College Library)

Articles about Cheating with CHATGPT in the Classroom

AI Citation Practices

Citing ChatGPT:

The major citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago) have begun to address how to cite while using generative AI tools like ChatGPT and many others. Everyone agrees it's important to cite when you use AI in your work, but there is still some disagreement between the different citation styles about what that might look like. The following are the current recommendations that are highlighted on each major citation styles website.


Citing AI in MLA Style

Here is the link to the MLA website where you can learn to cite generative AI in MLA style. 

These directions are current as of March 2023.

Example of MLA Citation: 

If you asked ChatGPT to describe the symbolism of Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice in your paper you would write it something like this:


When asked to describe the symbolism of Pemberley in Pride and PrejudiceChatGPT  provided a summary about the transformation of Mr. Darcy and the novel's central theme of social class and personal growth. However, when further prompted to cite the source on which that summary was based, it noted that it lacked “the ability to conduct research or cite sources independently” but that it recomended If you require citations for academic or research purposes, I recommend consulting the original text of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or academic sources related to the novel's analysis and symbolism.” (“In 200 words”).

For a Works-Cited-List Entry:

“In 200 words, describe the symbolism of Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice” follow-up prompt to list sources. ChatGPT, 13 Feb. version, OpenAI, 20 Sept. 2023,

(for more information click the link)

Citing AI in APA Style

Here is the link to the APA website where you can learn how to cite generative AI in APA format.

These directions are current as of April 2023.

Example of APA Citation:

If you use the prompt “Is there such thing as luck?” the ChatGPT-generated text in this case indicated that "The concept of luck is a subjective and often culturally influenced belief. It typically refers to events or outcomes that seem to occur by chance, without any discernible cause or control by an individual. Whether luck is "real" or not is a matter of personal perspective and philosophical debate". (OpenAI, 2023). 


OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].

(for more information click on the link)

Citing AI in Chicago Style

Here is the link to the Chicago Style website where you can learn how to cite generative AI in Chicago Style format.

 Chicago Style Citation: 

In Chicago style citations it is clear that you need to credit ChatGPT whenever you use it. According to their website however, you only need to acknowledge that you used ChatGPT in your text. 

For the citation page in Chicago style format, it is important to note that ChatGPT substitutes as the author of the content. 

Also be sure to check with your professors who use Chicago format to see how they would like you to format your AI citations.

(information comes from The Chicago Manual of Style Online)

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