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Physical Therapist Assistant: Videos


View neuromuscular deficits video clips created by the Neurobiology and Anatomy Department at West Virginia University:

Neuromuscular Deficits

Upper limb video clips include:

* shoulder elevation
* shoulder abduction
* shoulder flexion
* shoulder extension
* shoulder lateral rotation
* shoulder medial rotation
* elbow flexion
* radial nerve
* median nerve
* ulnar nerve

Lower limb video clips include:

* normal gait
* inferior gluteal
* superior gluteal
* femoral
* obturator
* common peroneal
* superficial peroneal
* deep peroneal
* tibial

Normal Gait -- from West Virginia University, Health Sciences Center.

View rehabilitation videos used with the permission of the Merck Company, from the Merck Manual Professional Version:

• Bridging
• Prone hip extension
• Prone resisted knee flexion
• Resisted bent-over row
• Quadriceps set
• Shoulder extension
• Prone shoulder horizontal abduction
• Sidelying hip external rotation (Clamshell exercise)
• Sidelying shoulder external rotation
• Squats
• Standing shoulder scaption
• Standing resisted shoulder internal rotation
• Standing resisted shoulder external rotation
• Straight leg raise
• Sitting ankle plantarflexion stretch
• Standing iliotibial band stretch
• Standing ankle plantarflexion stretch
• Standing gastrocnemius stretch
• Standing soleus stretch

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