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Authentic Assessment Guide for Faculty: Books


Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects: Tools for Meaningful Learning and Assessment by Jay McTighe, Kristina Doubet, Eric Carbaugh (2020)

"Aimed at the growing number of educators who are looking to move beyond covering the curriculum, Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects provides a comprehensive guide to ensuring students' deeper learning—in which they can transfer their knowledge, skills, and understandings to the world beyond the classroom." (Amazon)

Authentic Assessment in Action by Katie Alaniz & Kristie Cerling (2023)

"Educators must learn to harness the enthusiasm students have for content creation (and particularly digital content creation) into everyday assessment opportunities. In doing so, they position themselves to enhance student engagement, motivation, and achievement in academic contexts." (Amazon)

How to Craft Authentic Assessments with ChatGPT: Simple and Practical Steps for all Educators to follow by Matthew Schonewille (2024)

"The aim of this book is to provide practical content and realistic steps for educators to take immediately. This book is a literal, “How To Guide” for creating authentic assessments in your classrooms right away. The book includes many images, examples and a conversational tone that mimics a live teaching session." (Amazon)

Authentic Assessment and Evaluation Approaches and Practices in a Digital Era edited by Tasos Barkatsas & Patricia McLaughlin (2021) 

"In this book, 37 international academics illustrate how authentic assessment is an effective measure of intellectual achievement as it requires the demonstration of deep understanding and complex problem solving through the performance of exemplary tasks. By exploring the concept of authentic assessment in both tertiary and school education, the authors in these chapters argue that authentic assessment is not only the measurement of significant intellectual accomplishments but also an important pedagogical structure." (Publisher)

Using Authentic Assessment in Information Literacy Programs: Tools, Techniques, and Strategies by Jennifer S. Ferguson (2018)

"Assessment of student learning continues to be an urgent topic in higher education. For librarians who provide information literacy instruction, creating and implementing authentic assessment instruments asking students to “analyze, synthesize and apply” what they learn is especially challenging, since most librarians have little more than an hour in which to teach students and assess their learning." (Amazon)

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