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English Composition: Getting Started


This guide has resources to help students in UCNJ English Composition courses such as ENG 101, ENG 102, and ENG 112. 

The Writing Process  (Excelsior OWL)

A Guide to the Writing Process (UC Berkeley)

Writing Skills (EAP Foundation)

Time Management: Conquering Long Assignments (Purdue OWL)

Symptoms and Cures for Writer's Block (Purdue OWL)

The Witing Process

"Writing is the tangible result of thinking and learning how to think—how to develop your own ideas and concepts. Writing is a process through which you ask questions, create, develop, hone, and organize ideas, argue a point and search for evidence to support your ideas. Writing involves creative and critical thinking processes that have certain steps or stages."  During the process you will need to:

Begin by understanding your assignment

Brainstorm to generate ideas

Research your topic

Create an outline

Write a First Draft

Check your work

Revise & Redraft


(These steps are adapted from English for Academic Writing Foundation

Academic Writing

Academic writing is the main method of academic communication. Students will need to master the skills involved in order to perform well in college. 

What is Academic Writing? (EAP Foundation)

Academic Writing (Purdue OWL)

Academic Writing (Amherst College)

Generative AI in Academic Writing

Generative AI in Academic Writing (UNC at Chapel Hill)

See also UCNJ Subject LibGuide on ChatGPT

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