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Fake News: Checking Sources

LibGuide on identifying fake news

Tips on Fact-Checking

Laterally search - copy/paste information from the original source into a search engine; if the same information comes up from multiple sources, you can most likely trust it.  Make sure you are seeing more than one source, as the same sources may come up in your search.

Look for hyperlinks in the source (links that connect documents and other articles together on the web).  Hyperlinked information act as references, where you can click to see a bigger picture of the information mentioned or to read more.

Fact Checking Websites

Tips for Analyzing News Sources

Google News Fact Check

  • Launch Google
  • Copy & paste headline
  • Click on the 'news' tab
    • This will show you articles from different sources writing about the same thing as the article in question
  • Review results to determine the news story credibility
  • Read the slug lines and headlines to see if information is repeated 
    • If a claim has been proven wrong, you'll find that information here
    • Google news weeds out most unreliable sources

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