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Links to all EMS videos formerly housed in Owl's Nest

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24-7 EMS Streaming Videos 


*Use limited to The Owl's Nest             [Updated 8/14/2020]

24-7 EMS 12-Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) Streaming v2.0-24SC12-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Abdominal Trauma Streaming v2.0-24SC11-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Care Streaming-24SC17-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Advanced Airway Management Streaming v2.0-24SC09-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Affective Characteristics Streaming-24SC17-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Agricultural Hazmat: EMS Response Streaming v2.0-24SC11-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Air Medical Transports Streaming v2.0-24SC10-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Airway Care Streaming v2.0-24SC04-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Anaphylaxis Streaming v2.0-24SC06-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Assault Victim Care Streaming v2.0-24SC10-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Assessment: Medical Patient Streaming v2.0-24SC06-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Asthma Streaming v2.0-24SC13-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Back Injury Prevention for EMS Streaming (V2)-24SC14-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Bariatric Patient: Care and Transport Streaming v2.0-24SC08-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Behavioral Emergencies: Excited Delirium Streaming v2.0-24SC10-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Bloodborne Pathogens Streaming v2.0-24SC12-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Blunt Chest Trauma Streaming v2.0-24SC07-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Bomb Blast Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC08-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Burns: Thermal Streaming v2.0-24SC06-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Capnography Streaming v2.0-24SC12-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Streaming v2.0-24SC07-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Code Management Streaming v2.0-24SC13-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Cold Weather Emergencies: Hypothermia Streaming v2.0-24SC09-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Combat Related TBI Streaming v2.0-24SC09-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Communicable Diseases: Childhood & Travelers Streaming v2.0-24SC09-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS CPR and ECC Update: G2015 Guidelines Streaming-24SC16-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Crew Resource Management Streaming -24SC17-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Critical Decision Making Streaming v2.0-24SC07-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Crush Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC08-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Cyanide Poisoning Streaming v2.0-24SC07-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Response Awareness Streaming v2.0-24SC11-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Diabetic Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC13-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS DMAT and Mass Gathering Medicine Streaming v2.0-24SC06-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Domestic Violence Streaming v2.0-24SC10-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Electrical Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC12-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Emergency Driving Streaming v2.0-24SC05-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Emergency Responders, Fire, and Cancer Streaming-24SC18-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Emergency Vehicle Operations Streaming v2.0-24SC09-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS EMS Flood Response Streaming v2.0-24SC11-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Entrapped Patients Streaming v2.0-24SC07-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Extended Patient Care Streaming v2.0-24SC13-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Extreme Heat Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC07-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Extreme Sports Injuries: Extremity Trauma Streaming v2.0-24SC09-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Extrication and Patient Packaging Streaming v2.0-24SC08-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Eye Injuries: Response for EMS Streaming v2.0-24SC19-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Facial Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC11-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Field Triage Update Streaming v2.0-24SC09-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Geriatric Assessment Streaming v2.0-24SC12-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Geriatric Behavioral Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC07-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Geriatric Poisonings Streaming v2.0-24SC11-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Geriatric Respiratory Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC10-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Geriatric Trauma: Hip Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC09-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Hazmat: EMS Response Streaming v2.0-24SC06-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Heart Failure Streaming v2.0-24SC08-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Infection Control: MRSA Streaming v2.0-24SC08-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Infectious Disease Update & Personal Protection Streaming v2.0-24SC10-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Interpreting Vital Signs Streaming v2.0-24SC12-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Intraosseous Vascular Access Streaming v2.0-24SC12-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Lifting and Moving Streaming v2.0-24SC06-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Managing Multiple Patients: EMS Operations Streaming v2.0-24SC08-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS MCI Management: Transportation Group Streaming v2.0-24SC13-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Mechanism of Injury Streaming v2.0-24SC06-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Medical Assessment Streaming v2.0-24SC13-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Medical Assessment: Syncope Streaming v2.0-24SC06-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Medication Delivery Streaming v2.0-24SC19-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Medication Errors & Equipment Failures Streaming v2.0-24SC10-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Musculoskeletal Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC05-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS MVC Management Streaming v2.0-24SC12-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Neonatal Care/Resuscitation Streaming v2.0-24SC05-2-3-V2
24-7 EMS Obstetrics/Childbirth Streaming v2.0-24SC06-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Opioid Epidemic: Response for EMS Streaming v2.0-24SC18-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Pain Management Streaming v2.0-24SC07-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Patient Refusal Streaming v2.0-24SC04-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Airway Management Streaming v2.0-24SC12-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Assessment Streaming v2.0-24SC04-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Behavorial Emergencies: Autism (ASD) Streaming v2.0-24SC09-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Emergencies: Burns Streaming v2.0-24SC10-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Fevers and Seizures Streaming (V2)-24SC14-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Poisoning Streaming v2.0-24SC13-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC04-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Pediatric Trauma Streaming v2.0-24SC08-2-1-V2
24-7 EMS Pregnancy: Medical Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC13-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Rehab Sector: The Role of EMS Streaming v2.0-24SC08-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Renal Failure: Acute Streaming (V2)-
24-7 EMS Renal Failure: Chronic Streaming (V2)-
24-7 EMS Report Writing Streaming v2.0-24SC05-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS Respiratory Emergencies: CPAP Streaming v2.0-24SC08-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Respiratory Protection for Emergency Responders Streaming v2.0-24SC18-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Responder Wellness and Fitness Streaming v2.0-24SC11-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Risk Management: Refusals and Abandonment Streaming v2.0-24SC09-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Scene Safety Streaming v2.0-24SC05-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Scene Safety: Meth Labs Streaming v2.0-24SC07-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Seizures Streaming v2.0-24SC08-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Social Media and EMS Streaming v2.0-24SC13-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Spinal Injury Management Streaming (V2)-24SC19-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Sports Injuries Streaming v2.0-24SC12-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Street Drugs Streaming v2.0-24SC05-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Stroke Streaming v2.0-24SC12-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Sudden Cardiac Death Streaming v2.0-24SC12-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Summer Emergencies Streaming v2.0-24SC05-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Supraglottic Airways Management Streaming-24SC17-4-2-V2
24-7 EMS Tactical EMS Streaming (V2)-24SC13-2-2-V2
24-7 EMS Terrorism: EMS Readiness Streaming v2.0-24SC11-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS The Role of Research and EBGs Streaming v2.0-24SC19-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Tourniquets and Hemorrhage Control Streaming v2.0-24SC10-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Trauma Assessment Streaming v2.0-24SC13-1-1-V2
24-7 EMS Trauma During Pregnancy Streaming v2.0-24SC07-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Triage Streaming v2.0-24SC04-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Understanding Shock Streaming (V2)-24SC14-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Water Rescue Considerations for EMS Streaming v2.0-24SC11-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS Workplace Stress Streaming (V2)-24SC14-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Human Trafficking: An EMS Perspective (V2)-24SC14-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS VAD Patients: EMS Response (V2)-24SC14-3-1-V2


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