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EMS: Videos

24-7 EMS Streaming VideosĀ 

This is a collection of online videos covering a range of Emergency Medical Services topics.  

Please note:

** Access to these resources is restricted to currently enrolled students at Union College of Union County, NJ or members in its employ. In order to gain access if you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your full UCNJ email address and your password.

** The videos function best using Chrome or Edge browsers.

Links to EMS videos

[Updated 5/22/2023]

24-7EMS 12-Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) Streaming v2.0 24SC12-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Abdominal Trauma Streaming v2.0 24SC11-4-3-V2
24-7EMS Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) Care Streaming 24SC17-3-2-V2
24-7 EMS Affective Characteristics Streaming 24SC17-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Agricultural Hazmat: EMS Response Streaming v2.0 24SC11-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Air Medical Transports Streaming v2.0 24SC10-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Anaphylaxis Streaming v2.0 24SC06-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Assault Victim Care Streaming v2.0 24SC10-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Assessment: Medical Patient Streaming v2.0 24SC06-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Asthma Streaming v2.0 24SC13-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Back Injury Prevention for EMS Streaming (V2) 24SC14-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Bariatric Patient: Care and Transport Streaming v2.0 24SC08-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Behavioral Emergencies: Excited Delirium Streaming v2.0 24SC10-1-2-V2
24-7EMS Bloodborne Pathogens Streaming v2.0 24SC12-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Blunt Chest Trauma Streaming v2.0 24SC07-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Bomb Blast Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC08-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Burns: Thermal Streaming v2.0 24SC06-1-2-V2
24-7EMS Capnography Streaming v2.0 24SC12-4-3-V2
24-7EMS Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Streaming v2.0 24SC07-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Code Management Streaming v2.0 24SC13-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Cold Weather Emergencies: Hypothermia Streaming v2.0 24SC09-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Combat Related TBI Streaming v2.0 24SC09-4-3-V2
24-7EMS Communicable Diseases: Childhood & Travelers Streaming v2.0 24SC09-3-3-V2
24-7 EMS CPR and ECC Update: G2015 Guidelines Streaming 24SC16-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Crew Resource Management Streaming 24SC17-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Critical Decision Making Streaming v2.0 24SC07-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Crush Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC08-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Cyanide Poisoning Streaming v2.0 24SC07-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Response Awareness Streaming v2.0 24SC11-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Diabetic Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC13-4-3-V2
24-7EMS DMAT and Mass Gathering Medicine Streaming v2.0 24SC06-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Domestic Violence Streaming v2.0 24SC10-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Electrical Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC12-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Emergency Driving Streaming v2.0 24SC05-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Emergency Responders, Fire, and Cancer Streaming 24SC18-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Emergency Vehicle Operations Streaming v2.0 24SC09-2-1-V2
24-7EMS EMS Flood Response Streaming v2.0 24SC11-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Entrapped Patients Streaming v2.0 24SC07-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Extended Patient Care Streaming v2.0 24SC13-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Extreme Heat Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC07-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Extreme Sports Injuries: Extremity Trauma Streaming v2.0 24SC09-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Extrication and Patient Packaging Streaming v2.0 24SC08-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Eye Injuries: Response for EMS Streaming v2.0 24SC19-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Facial Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC11-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Field Triage Update Streaming v2.0 24SC09-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Geriatric Assessment Streaming v2.0 24SC12-1-2-V2
24-7EMS Geriatric Behavioral Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC07-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Geriatric Poisonings Streaming v2.0 24SC11-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Geriatric Respiratory Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC10-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Geriatric Trauma: Hip Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC09-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Hazmat: EMS Response Streaming v2.0 24SC06-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Heart Failure Streaming v2.0 24SC08-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Human Trafficking: An EMS Perspective Streaming 24SC19-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Infection Control: MRSA Streaming v2.0 24SC08-3-1-V2
24-7 EMS Infectious Disease Update & Personal Protection Streaming v2.0 24SC10-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Interpreting Vital Signs Streaming v2.0 24SC12-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Intraosseous Vascular Access Streaming v2.0 24SC12-4-2-V2



Title (Cont.)

24-7EMS Lifting and Moving Streaming v2.0 24SC06-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Managing Multiple Patients: EMS Operations Streaming v2.0 24SC08-4-3-V2
24-7EMS MCI Management: Transportation Group Streaming v2.0 24SC13-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Mechanism of Injury Streaming v2.0 24SC06-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Medical Assessment Streaming v2.0 24SC13-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Medical Assessment: Syncope Streaming v2.0 24SC06-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Medication Delivery Streaming v2.0 24SC19-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Medication Errors & Equipment Failures Streaming v2.0 24SC10-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Musculoskeletal Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC05-1-1-V2
24-7EMS MVC Management Streaming v2.0 24SC12-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Neonatal Care/Resuscitation Streaming v2.0 24SC05-2-3-V2
24-7EMS Obstetrics/Childbirth Streaming v2.0 24SC06-4-3-V2
24-7 EMS Opioid Epidemic: Response for EMS Streaming v2.0 24SC18-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Pain Management Streaming v2.0 24SC07-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Patient Refusal Streaming v2.0 24SC04-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Airway Management Streaming v2.0 24SC12-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Assessment Streaming v2.0 24SC04-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Behavorial Emergencies: Autism (ASD) Streaming v2.0 24SC09-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: Management and Response Streaming v2.0 24SC19-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Emergencies: Burns Streaming v2.0 24SC10-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Fevers and Seizures Streaming (V2) 24SC14-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Poisoning Streaming v2.0 24SC13-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC04-4-3-V2
24-7EMS Pediatric Trauma Streaming v2.0 24SC08-2-1-V2
24-7EMS Pregnancy: Medical Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC13-1-2-V2
24-7EMS Rehab Sector: The Role of EMS Streaming v2.0 24SC08-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Renal Failure: Acute Streaming (V2)
24-7EMS Renal Failure: Chronic Streaming (V2)
24-7EMS Report Writing Streaming v2.0 24SC05-3-3-V2
24-7EMS Respiratory Emergencies: CPAP Streaming v2.0 24SC08-1-2-V2
24-7 EMS Respiratory Protection for Emergency Responders Streaming v2.0 24SC18-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Responder Wellness and Fitness Streaming v2.0 24SC11-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Risk Management: Refusals and Abandonment Streaming v2.0 24SC09-1-2-V2
24-7EMS Scene Safety Streaming v2.0 24SC05-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Scene Safety: Meth Labs Streaming v2.0 24SC07-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Seizures Streaming v2.0 24SC08-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Social Media and EMS Streaming v2.0 24SC13-4-1-V2
24-7 EMS Spinal Injury Management Streaming (V2) 24SC19-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Sports Injuries Streaming v2.0 24SC12-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Street Drugs Streaming v2.0 24SC05-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Stroke Streaming v2.0 24SC12-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Sudden Cardiac Death Streaming v2.0 24SC12-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Summer Emergencies Streaming v2.0 24SC05-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Supraglottic Airways Management Streaming 24SC17-4-2-V2
24-7EMS Tactical EMS Streaming (V2) 24SC13-2-2-V2
24-7EMS Terrorism: EMS Readiness Streaming v2.0 24SC11-3-3-V2
24-7EMS The Role of Research and EBGs Streaming v2.0 24SC19-3-2-V2
24-7EMS Tourniquets and Hemorrhage Control Streaming v2.0 24SC10-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Trauma Assessment Streaming v2.0 24SC13-1-1-V2
24-7EMS Trauma During Pregnancy Streaming v2.0 24SC07-4-3-V2
24-7EMS Triage Streaming v2.0 24SC04-3-1-V2
24-7EMS Understanding Shock Streaming (V2) 24SC14-1-3-V2
24-7 EMS VAD Patients: EMS Response (V2) 24SC19-4-1-V2
24-7EMS Water Rescue Considerations for EMS Streaming v2.0 24SC11-1-3-V2
24-7EMS Workplace Stress Streaming (V2) 24SC14-3-1-V2
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