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Getting College Textbooks: Home

Textbook buying options

College Textbook Options

The Union County College Library does not have a textbook collection.
It may happen that a copy may slip into the collection so students can check the Library's catalog. 

Sometimes a professor will put a copy on Reserve for use in the Library and Reserves can be checked by professor's name or course number.

Students may also check with their local public library.


I need my textbooks, where do I start?

What I need to do in order to get my textbooks

1) Register for classes

2) Write down the class name, the course number, and the 3 digit section as well as the professor's name you can get these on the syllabus and your class schedule

For example) THE ACADEMIC LIBRARY>LIS-60615-001>10043>Susan M. Weaver (P)

                     Title or Class Name          Course Name   CRN     

3) If you have your syllabus have it with you when you are shopping for your book. The syllabus will often tell you which textbooks are required and which ones are optional. This is important for students on a budget who can only afford to pay for required books that they will need for quizzes, tests, and assignments to pass the class. 

4) From your syllabus write down the edition numbers, the authors, the year it was published, and the name of the publisher. This is to make sure that you don't get the wrong version.

Options for Getting Textbooks

Option for getting textbooks for each semester:

·         Use textbooks placed on Reserve - Each semester, professors decide what titles to put on Reserve ar Library Circulation desk for use in the Library

·     Buy from college bookstore

·     Buy books online (amazon, ebay, etc.)

·     Buy from off-campus bookstore

·     Rent books from the college bookstore (or other bookstore)

·     Buy from another student directly

·     Borrow from another student

·     Borrow from a library

·     Share with a classmate

-    Use Open Source Textbooks

-    Trade a textbook

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