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Library Reopening Policies & Procedures: Collection Maintenance

Documents the Library policies for services and handling materials to address COVID-19 concerns

REALM Project

REALM Project: REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM) Information Hub: A COVID-19 Research Project (REALM Project)
The REALM Project does laboratory testing for COVID-19 on commonly circulated library materials. 

"Phase 2: Additional Research to Support Operations of Libraries, Archives, and Museums (June 2020 – October 2020)
This phase will study a second set of materials and workflows across libraries, archives/special collections, and museums. This set will include any materials and workflows that have factors that were not addressed in Phase 1 but are important to the function of archives, libraries, and/or museums. The research activities will produce a second set of toolkit resources, and will update Phase 1 resources with new information that may have emerged. A more fully designed website will be launched during this phase.

Test 4 is scheduled to start by end of July 2020, and Test 5 to start in mid-August. A second scientific literature review will be conducted in August, and published in September."

Government Resources

IMLS: "Mitigating COVID-19 When Managing Paper-Based, Circulating, and Other Types of Collections"

Dr. David Berendes and Dr. Catherine Rasberry from the Centers for Disease Control presented an overview of the CDC’s guidance for community settings and environmental disinfection, and a discussion of how libraries, archives, and museums can help mitigate COVID-19 when working with paper-based, circulating, and other types of collections. The materials and links mentioned in the webinar have been added to under "Official Government Information and Resources."

The full transcript is also available.

Articles and Guides

UCC LibGuides at Union County College