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Nexis Uni - Database for News

How to use Nexis Uni to search for news.

Why Use Nexis Uni?

You can perform research using the more than 15,000 news sources available in Nexis Uni™.

Types of documents include print and online journals, television and radio broadcasts, news wires, blogs, and newspapers (local, regional, national, and international) with deep archives .

What's Special about Nexis Uni compared to older Lexis Nexis Academic?

Nexis Uni has several different search areas. The area to select depends on how broadly you want to search within all of Nexis Uni, how quickly you want results, or how narrowly you want to construct your search. (VV)

Nexis Uni is designed to address three key components:

Personalization:–You will be able to register for a personal account so that you can:

  • create alerts on topics or publications of interest,

  • save searches to re-run in the future,

  • add sources to favorites and bookmark documents for later viewing,

  • customize the home page to feature a discipline page with related content, top publications and specialized search forms

Quick Discovery: You will be able to search across all content at once or a subset of targeted titles. Results will be filtered identifying relevant results based on location, publication type, subject, industry, geography or timeline.

Collaboration: – You can create and share folders for group research projects and study groups. You can save documents in a shared workspace to reduce research overlap. You can highlight portions of a document and make notes, and then save this document with your notes in one of your folders and share with other students.



This Guide was prepared by Victoria E. Wollny, MLS. Your suggestions are welcome. Please send to or click on Comments below.

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