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Paralegal Resources

Resources to support the Union County College Paralegal program

What are Statutes?

Statutes are written laws passed by Congress or a state legislature and signed into law by the president or a state governor. Statutes are often gathered into compilations called "codes," large sets of books that can be found in many public and all law libraries and on the Internet. (Definition from Nolo.)

Finding a Statute by Citation

"Once you have a citaiton for a statute, you will want to find it in the appropriate code publication.  Here is an example of how one would find 28 U.S.C. § 1332 (2006).

  1. Go to the appropriate publication (USC, USCA, or USCS).
  2. Look on the spine of the books for the title number (Title 28 in this case).
  3. Once you find the correct title, look on the spine of the book to see what sections are covered (some titles will be spread out over multiple books).
  4. Once you have located the book that inclues your section number, locate the beginning of your section.  Section numbers are usually listed in the top right hand corner of the page.  The beginning of the statute will provide the name of that particular statute.

Depending on what resource you are using, you might also find additional information in the code along with the statute.  The USCA and the USCS will both provide users with additional annotations to historical notes, case law, and secondary sources that have cited that particular code section. "

From Georgia State University, School of Law Legal Research LibGuide

Statutory Tools and Tutorials

Not all law is statutory law.  Some laws can be case law or administrative law.  Therefore, do not get discouraged if you cannot find a statute on your particular issue.

Table of Popular Names

         An alphabetical list of popular and statutory names of Acts of Congress based on the 2006 edition of the U.S. Code.   Available online at

New Jersey's Permanenet Statutes Database

A "current, searchable, but not easily browsable, version of the statutes); the Chapter Laws from 1996 forward; Legislative Bills from 1996 forward; Public Hearings from 1996 forward; and, beginning in 2001, audio and video recordings of some floor and committee proceedings."

American Jurisprudence  Look up the issue in the index to find annotations on statutes.

United States Statutes At Large

          "The United States Statutes at Large... is the permanent collection of all laws and resolutions enacted during each session of Congress". The Statutes at Large is available online at

 West's New Jersey Statutes

The administrative rules and regulations of all department and agencies of the state of New Jersey.  Published by West and updated with annual pocket parts and periodic supplements. The Library databases LexisNexis Academic has the competing New Jersey Annotated Statutes

Statutory Research Tutorial (Georgetown Law)

UCC LibGuides at Union County College